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INPP Australia practitioners address underlying issues that may impact on a child’s development and ability to learn and succeed in school as well as adults with anxiety problems.

thinkingUsing methods developed by INPP UK over 40 years of practice, INPP practitioners provide assistance to families, children and adults experiencing various difficulties in learning, work and social situations.  Non-invasive techniques of assessing and addressing developmental immaturity are used to support and enhance foundations for learning and daily functioning. 

A child with difficulties in any of the following areas may have neuro-motor immaturity as an underlying cause and benefit from the INPP method:

  • Attention  and concentration problems
  • Reading, writing, spelling or maths difficulties
  • Co-ordination challenges including clumsiness, difficulty learning to ride a bicycle, swim and in physical education classes
  • Inability to sit still and remain silent in class (the “constant fidgeter”)
  • Educational under-achievement
  • Dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and ADD
  • Anxiety and panic disorders. 

This website provides a central point of contact and information regarding Licenced INPP Practitioners in Australia and New Zealand who are registered practitioners through INPP Australia.

INPP Licentiates are part of an international body of practitioners committed to ongoing professional development and continuing education in the field of Neuro-Motor Immaturity as well as a Code of Conduct for practicing the INPP method.  


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