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INPP™ Australia practitioners address underlying issues that may impact on a child’s development and ability to learn and succeed in school as well as adults with anxiety problems.

thinkingUsing methods developed by INPP™ UK over 40 years of practice, INPP™ practitioners provide assistance to families, children and adults experiencing various difficulties in learning, work and social situations.  Non-invasive techniques of assessing and addressing developmental immaturity are used to support and enhance foundations for learning and daily functioning. 

A child with difficulties in any of the following areas may have neuro-motor immaturity as an underlying cause and benefit from the INPP™ method:

  • Attention  and concentration problems
  • Reading, writing, spelling or maths difficulties
  • Co-ordination challenges including clumsiness, difficulty learning to ride a bicycle, swim and in physical education classes
  • Inability to sit still and remain silent in class (the “constant fidgeter”)
  • Educational under-achievement
  • Dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and ADD
  • Anxiety and panic disorders. 

This website provides a central point of contact and information regarding Licenced INPP™ Practitioners in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore who are registered practitioners through INPP™ Australia.

INPP™ Licentiates are part of an international body of practitioners committed to ongoing professional development and continuing education in the field of Neuro-Motor Immaturity as well as a Code of Conduct for practicing the INPP method. * 

Is the INPP™ method right for your family?

If you think your child can benefit from this programme but aren’t quite sure, click on the “Child Screening Questionnaire” button below or in the sidebar.  We will try to get back to you within 24 – 48 hours to let you know about our programme and its suitability. 

Alternatively, find an INPP™ Licentiate Practitioner in your area on our INPP™ Licentiate page, email them or visit their websites for further information and screening questionnaire options. INPP™ Licentiate practitioners who are affiliated with INPP™ Australia can be found in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Child Screening Questionaire:  Use this screening questionnaire to learn if this method is likely to be useful for your child?  

Click here for the Child Screening Questionaire

Find an INPP Licentiate near you.

Want to become an INPP™ Practitioner?

Are you interested in exploring neuromotor and neurodevelopmental immaturity issues that may be underlying the behavioural, social and academic difficulties for children and adults?

Are you an Educator, Allied Health Care Practitioner, or GP? Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree and several years of experience within your profession and want to include the INPP™ Method of Reflex Integration in your practice? 

We are experiencing growing interest and queries about providers of primitive reflex integration therapy for children and adults around the country.  As a result, we are looking for new practitioners to join our INPP™ International network so that we can help those children and families who recognise this as an area of support from which they could benefit. 

The INPP™ Practitioner Course is a 6-9 month post-graduate level course consisting of 4 modules leading to INPP™ Practitioner and Licentiate status.

The next 2024 – 2025 course is offered primarily online with 2 face-to-face components (Module 2 & 3).  Applications close July 31st, 2024. Places are limited.  Two localities are offered:  one in Brisbane and one in Perth.  Details can be found at integratingthinking.com.au/inpp-practitioner-training-information.

This course enables you to extend your practice and help children & adults deal with learning difficulties, anxiety and other issues that impact their learning and functional potential.

Inquiries can be made by emailing: chris@integratingthinking.com.au or visit: https://integratingthinking.com.au/inpp-practitioner-training-information/  for more details including registration options. 

INPP Practitioner Training Information

You can also sign up for email updates about training opportunities in this area of work:


Wanted INPP Practitioners in AustraliaApplications for the next course in 2024 – 2025 are being taken now & close soon.

Become an INPP™ Practitioner in Australia.

INPP Practitioner Training Information





*Please note that any person, organisation or other entity that does not appear on the Licentiate list is not a Licentiate INPP™ Practitioner operating under the approved Licentiate qualification required to practise the INPP™ Method to Licentiate standard, and, they are not lawfully entitled to hold themselves out or advertise as being a Licentiate INPP™ Practitioner. Current INPP™ Licentiates are listed on our Licentiate page or on the INPP™ International or INPP™ National websites.

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