The INPP™ method is now practiced in over 20 countries around the world and has helped change the lives of thousands of children, adults and families since 1975. INPP™ Training options include:

  •  INPP™ Practitioner
  • Identification and Screening for Neuro-Motor Immaturity in Health Care Practices
  • Addressing Neuro-Motor Readiness for Learning in Schools.

Certified INPP™ training is available for Australian educators, health care practitioners and psychologists interested in utilising the INPP™ methods to identify and address Neuro Motor Immaturity (NMI) in children and adults. Training is offered in connection with the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology™ under license, by Christine Payard (PhD), Director of Integrating Thinking and  INPP™ Australia Principal.

INPP™ Practitioner Training:

Become an INPP™ Practitioner and enhance your options to address learning and functional issues for individual children and adults

Course information for 2023 Training (Primarily online delivery):

REGISTRATION  for the upcoming course is open now and closes APRIL 14th, 2023. (NOW EXTENDED TO APRIL 19th, 2023)

Early Bird discounts and Bonuses are available. Visit Integrating Thinking training pages for more information. 

Download the Course Flier for the INPP™ Practitioner Course 2023 beginning in May.

The next INPP™ Practitioner Course will be delivered predominantly online with 3 days of face-to-face delivery for part of Module 2 in Melbourne.

Integrating Thinking delivers training for INPP™ Australia in the Australian region. Talk with us about training opportunities in your area.  Email: 

INPP™ Screening Course for Health Care Practitioners:   Based on the book: “Neuromotor Immaturity in Children and Adults:  The INPP Screening Test for Clinicians and Health Practitioners”

Email: with your contact details and some background about your practice and interest in this area.  A minimum of 6 participants is required for this course.

INPP™ Addressing Neuro-motor Readiness for Learning:   

An INPP™ one day course for teachers wanting to learn about using Sally Goddard Blythe’s book,  “Assessing Neuro-motor Readiness for Learning”,  in schools and the INPP™ School-based exercise programme.  

Email: for more information about this course and options for professional learning in your school or educational setting. 

Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP)™

  • Established in 1975 by psychologist Peter Blythe (PhD) as a private research organization to investigate the effects of immaturity in the functioning of the central nervous system in children with Specific Learning Difficulties and adults suffering from Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder. 
  • Purpose: to devise reliable assessment methods,  and to develop, supervise and evaluate effective programs of remedial intervention.
  • INPP™ is a self-funding organization involved in research, clinical practice, and training in the methods developed at INPP™ (

For over 40 years, INPP™ has treated many thousands of children and adults with problems linked to immaturity in the functioning of the central nervous system. Sally Goddard Blythe is the current Director of INPP. Christine Payard (PhD) and Principal of INPP™ Australia trained with Sally Goddard-Blythe and the late Peter Blythe in the UK. 

INPP – Chester is the certifying body for all countries providing training in its methods (visit:

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