INPP™ Licentiates

INPP™ Licentiates registered through INPP™ Australia include practitioners in Australia, New Zealand & Singapore.

INPP™ Licentiates are required to display a current certificate of Licentiate operation and qualifications for practice in the INPP™ method.  

INPP™ Licentiates are affiliated with INPP™ International and renew their licentiate membership annually.  

INPP™ practitioners around the world include educators, medical practitioners, and allied health care practitioners (Psychologists, Optometrists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists) who share an interest in Neuro-Motor Immaturity (NMI) and Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD). These practitioners have completed post-graduate study in the INPP™ method and are committed to ongoing professional development and continuing education in the field of Neuro-Motor Immaturity as well as a Code of Conduct for practising the INPP™ method.

INPP™ offers training and continuing education to professionals in aspects of the INPP™ method necessary to obtain and maintain Licentiate INPP™ practitioner status and membership.  

Upon successfully completing the INPP™ Practitioner course, participants can become Licentiates of INPP™.  To maintain Licentiate INPP™ Practitioner status, membership must be renewed annually to show that:

  1. The Licentiate practitioner has successfully completed an INPP™ approved training course.
  2. The Licentiate practitioner attends bi-annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) days organised by INPP™ Australia.
  3. The Licentiate practitioner agrees to apply the method according to guidelines set out in training and practice under a code of ethics which is designed for public protection.

To locate the nearest Licentiate INPP™ Practitioners to you, see the list below.

Where do I find an INPP™ Licensed Practitioner in Australia?

Christine Payard (PhD) of Integrating Thinking is the INPP™ Australia Principal and is based in Cairns, QLD. Website:  Email:  Mobile: 0429 614 687  


CANBERRA:  Kellie Bentley.  (Educator (Learning Support) and INPP™ Practitioner) Unlock Learning and Health.  Website:  Email:  Mobile: 0412 081 772

New South Wales: 

BEGA:   Leanne Chapman.  (Early Childhood Educator and INPP™ Practitioner) Becoming Balanced.  Email:  Business phone: 0417 476 906

BOWRAL & SYDNEY:   Michelle Sargeant.  (INPP™ Practitioner and Counsellor) Neuralinks.    Website:    Email:   Business phone:  0413 623 048 

MUDGEE:  Katie Dicker.  (INPP Practitioner™ and Occupational Therapist) Learning Success. Email: 

SYDNEY,  (Newport Beach):  Penny Wilmot. (Literacy Support and INPP Practitioner™) Read and Write Express. Ph: 0438 475 408.  Email:

SYDNEY (Western Sydney and Hills District):  Kellie Bentley.  (Learning Support Educator and INPP Practitioner™) Unlock Learning and Health.  Website:  Email:  Mobile: 0412 081 772 

SYDNEY:  Louise Murphy.  (Occupational Therapist and INPP Practitioner™) Please contact Christine Payard email: or mobile: 0429614687 for a connection with Louise. 

SYDNEY (Forestville):  Dominique Williamson (Dance Therapist and INPP Practitioner™). Phone: 0403 833 413.  Email: Website coming soon. 

WARREN:  Rhonda Connelly.  (Kinesiologist, Early Childhood Educator and INPP Practitioner™) Guiding Touch Kinesiology.  Website:   Guiding Touch Kinesiology  Email:  Mobile:  0429 063 910   


BRISBANE:  Nora Kosztolanyi, (Conductive Educator and INPP Practitioner™) Please contact: Christine Payard, Email: or Mobile: 0429 614 687 for Nora’s contact details.

BUNDABERG:  Suzanne Harding.  (Early Childhood Educator, INPP Practitioner™, Fast For Word Practitioner) Brain Blocks: Mobile: 0408 268 717

CAIRNS (FNQ):  Dr Christine Payard (PhD). (Neurodevelopmental Educator, INPP™ Australia Principal and INPP™ Practitioner) Integrating Thinking.   Website:  Email:  Mobile: 0429 614 687  

GOLD COAST:  Louise Boettcher.  (INPP Practitioner™, Movement Specialist) Connect Movement Therapy Pty Ltd.  Website:  Email:   Phone: 0422 122 211

POMONA:  Shirley Savage:  (INPP™ Practitioner; Educator).  Contact Dr Christine Payard for connection with Shirley.


ASPENDALE GARDENS:  Jayne Pivac.  (INPP Practitioner™ and Davis Dyslexia Practitioner) Dyslexia Melbourne.  Website:  Email:   Mobile:  0420 305 405

CARNEGIE:  Clare Campitelli.  (Optometrist) Vision on Koornang – by Daniel & Clare.  Website:  Email:  Phone: (03) 9563 1006

GEELONG (Greater Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast):  Olga Barrett.  (Gymabroo Geelong Director and INPP™ Practitioner) Website: Coming soon  Email:

MELBOURNE:  Louise Boettcher.  (INPP™ Practitioner, Movement Specialist) Connect Movement Therapy Pty Ltd.  Website:  Email:   Phone: 0422 122 211  

NARRE WARREN SOUTH:  Leanne Girotto.  (INPP Practitioner™, Nutritionist)  Brain Tree Learning Solutions.  Website:  Contact via the Contact page on Leanne’s “Brain Tree Learning Solutions” webpage.  

TRARALGON:  Carleen Haylock.  (Educator and INPP Practitioner™) Please contact: Christine Payard, Email: or Mobile: 0429 614 687 for Carleen’s contact details. 

Western Australia:

Practitioner details coming soon.

Where do I find an INPP Licensed Practitioner in New Zealand? 

AUCKLAND:  Leanne Seniloli;  (Author, Educator and INPP™ Practitioner) Without Limits Learning  Website:     Email:   Phone: +64 21 288 8733

AUCKLAND:  Elaine Zheng (Early Childhood Educator and INPP™ Practitioner.)  Please get in touch with Christine Payard, Email: or Mobile: 0429 614 687 for Elaine’s contact details. 

NELSON:  Heather Verstappen. (Educator and INPP™ Practitioner) Email: Phone: +64 27 342 3897

ROCKY BAY:  Piroska Gal; (Educator and INPP™ Practitioner) Back In Balance; Website:  Email:  Phone:  +64 27 203 4091

Where do I find an INPP Licensed Practitioner in Singapore?

SINGAPORE:  Isaac Tan Chiang Huan; (Educator and INPP™ Practitioner)   Email:    

SINGAPORE:  Zoran Pejic; Orthovision; (Orthoptist and INPP™ Practitioner) Website:  Email:    Phone: +65 6737 0887

*Please note that any person, organisation or other entity that does not appear on this list, or the list on the INPP International Website, is not a current Licentiate  INPP Practitioner operating under the approved Licentiate Certification required to practise the INPP method, and they are not lawfully entitled to hold themselves out or advertise as being a Licentiate INPP Practitioner. 




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