INPP Licentiates

INPP Licentiates registered through INPP Australia include practitioners in Australia, New Zealand & Singapore.

INPP Licentiates are required to display a current certificate of Licentiate operation and qualifications for practice in the INPP method.  

INPP Licentiates are affiliated with INPP International and renew their licentiate membership annually.  

INPP practitioners around the world include educators, medical practitioners, and allied health care practitioners (Psychologists, Optometrists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists) who share an interest in Neuro-Motor Immaturity (NMI) and Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD). These practitioners have completed post-graduate study in the INPP method and are committed to ongoing professional development and continuing education in the field of Neuro-Motor Immaturity as well as a Code of Conduct for practising the INPP method.

INPP offers training and continuing education to professionals in aspects of the INPP method necessary to obtain and maintain Licentiate INPP practitioner status and membership.  

On successful completion of the INPP Practitioner course, students may become Licentiates of INPP.  To maintain Licentiate INPP Practitioner status, membership must be renewed annually to show that:

  1. The Licentiate practitioner has successfully completed an INPP approved training course.
  2. The Licentiate practitioner attends a bi-annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) days organised by INPP.
  3. The Licentiate practitioner agrees to apply the method according to guidelines set out in training and practise under a code of ethics which is designed for public protection.

To locate the nearest Licentiate INPP Practitioners to you, see the list below.

Where do I find an INPP Licensed Practitioner in Australia?

Christine Payard (PhD) of Integrating Thinking is the INPP Australia Principal and is based in Cairns, QLD. Website:  Email:  Mobile: 0429 614 687  


CANBERRA:  Kellie Bentley.  Unlock Learning and Health.  Website:  Email:  Mobile: 0412 081 772

New South Wales: 

BOWRAL & SYDNEY:   Michelle Sargeant.  Neuralinks.    Website:    Email:   Business phone:  0413 623 048 

SYDNEY (Northern Beaches):  Monika Muranyi. Email:  Mobile: 0449 040 347

SYDNEY (Northern Beaches):  Penny Wilmot. Ph: 0438 475 408.  Email:

SYDNEY (West Ryde):  Carmin Hall.  Light Optometry and Vision Therapy.  Website:   Email:  Mobile:  0497 671 622

SYDNEY (Western Sydney and Hills District):  Kellie Bentley.  Unlock Learning and Health.  Website:  Email:  Mobile: 0412 081 772

SYDNEY:  Christine Girdham:  Please contact for other contact details for Christine. 


BRISBANE (Carina Heights): Antoinette du Preez. Vision & Sensory Integration: Connecting Vision & Body. Website: Email:  Phone: 3843 3555

BRISBANE:  Nora Kosztolanyi, Please contact: Christine Payard, Email: or Mobile: 0429 614 687 for Nora’s contact details.

BUNDABERG:  Suzanne Harding.  Brain Blocks: Mobile: 0408 268 717

CAIRNS (FNQ):  Dr Christine Payard (PhD). Integrating Thinking.   Website:  Email:  Mobile: 0429 614 687  


ASPENDALE GARDENS:  Jayne Pivac.  Dyslexia Melbourne.  Website:  Email:   Mobile:  0420 305 405

CARNEGIE:  Clare Campitelli.  Duldig & Russo Optometry.  Website:  Email:  Phone: (03) 9563 1006

MELBOURNE:  Louise Boettcher.  Connect Movement Therapy Pty Ltd.  Website:  Email:   Phone: 0422 122 211

NARRE WARREN SOUTH:  Leanne Girotto.  Brain Tree Learning Solutions. Website: Email:  Mobile:  0407559629

TRARALGON:  Carleen Haylock.  Please contact: Christine Payard, Email: or Mobile: 0429 614 687 for Carleen’s contact details. 


MT HAWTHORN:  Skye Bairstow.  Retrain the Brain. Website: Email:  Phone: 08 9444 9649

Where do I find an INPP Licensed Practitioner in New Zealand? 

AUCKLAND:  Leanne Seniloli;  Without Limits Learning  Website:     Email:,   Phone: +64 21 288 8733

MANAWATU:  Lindsey Dickson; Email:  Phone: +64 27 276 4144

NELSON:  Heather Verstappen. Please contact: Christine Payard, Email: or Mobile: 0429 614 687 for Heather’s contact details. 

ROCKY BAY:  Piroska Gal; Back In Balance; Website:  Email:  Phone:  +64 27 203 4091

Where do I find an INPP Licensed Practitioner in Singapore?

SINGAPORE:  Zoran Pejic;  Orthovision  Website:     Email:   Phone:  +65 6737 0887  

SINGAPORE:  Isaac Tan Chiang Huan; Website:   Email:    Phone +65 6694 8568


*Please note that any person, organisation or other entity that does not appear on this list, or the list on the INPP International Website, is not a Licentiate  INPP Practitioner operating under the approved Licentiate Certification required to practise the INPP method, and they are not lawfully entitled to hold themselves out or advertise as being a Licentiate INPP Practitioner. 




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