INPP™ Consultation & Clinical Approach

There are 6 basic steps to the INPP™ clinical consultation and therapeutic process. 

The duration of the INPP™ programme can be 12 months, depending on the neuromotor & sensory profile of the client and their progress through the programme.  Occasionally a programme may take up to 18 months, and sometimes, results are achieved within 6 – 9 months.  INPP™ Practitioners provide instructions and directions to indicate what each client requires.

The chart below illustrates the INPP™ Consultation Process:

INPP Consultation process

The INPP™ Consultation process


For an INPP™ Programme to succeed, some principles must be understood and followed.  The information chart below shows some of the key features of an INPP™ Neuromotor Maturity & Sensory Development programme.  It is important that clients/ carers/ parents responsible for implementing the individual programme remain in regular contact with the INPP™ Practitioner to discuss any questions or issues that may arise in the process of implementing the programme.

Each INPP™ Programme is developed specifically for the client who has been assessed and exercises SHOULD NOT be used for other individuals who have not undergone an INPP™ Assessment with an INPP™ Licentiate Practitioner.

INPP Programme Requires:

The INPP Therapy Programme Requirements:


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